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Lindsay Lohan Gets Half Sis For Christmas Gee Thanks Dad

My Father Just Let My Family And. Michael Lohan admitted a fling with the girls 44-year-old Montana massage therapist mother, Kristi Kaufmann. Yes, it should be about time to get those results back ... It happened in 1995, when it was separated from Lindsay mother, Dina Lohan. He said, in July of paternity testing.
8.1.09 08:35

No More Shoes For Victoria Beckham

. Victoria, who is the wife of football star David Beckham has been quoted saying, I just adore them (shoes), but I have bought many. Former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has promised to get rid of its dependence on shoes, because it is running of space to store them. And I only wear a couple of times. I think I need to draw the line somewhere and lose some shoes. Victoria, which is considered an icon of fashion, has complained that she is fast running out of closet space to store its vast collection of shoes. My shoe closet can t contain more, so that becoming a bit of a joke.
8.1.09 08:35

Itty Bitty Bits Globes Tap Rock Denzel Quot Swim Race T I Glitch In Miami More Black White Twins Did

Denzel Washington celebrated his 54th birthday on Dec. Washington has lost the competition but has won over visitors as Star Jones and Turks and Caicos Premier Michael Misick its 25-person party, in which all enjoy Dom Prignon and lobster dishes.. 28 in Turks and Caicos, says the New York PostDuring A Boat Ride To The Island Where His Party Was Held He Jumped Overboard And Challenged His Son To A Swimming Raceaccording to a source.
8.1.09 08:35

Katie Holmes Christian Borle Are Finding Neverland

Holmes ability to act is questionable, is the main reason why the current revival of Arthur Miller all my children is a financial success.. Tom Cruise) Christian Borle and took part in a seminar of the next version of the 2004 musical film FINDING NEVERLAND, the behind the scenes look into the implementation of which PETER PAN star Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp. We feel that Katie Holme (Mrs. While Mrs.
8.1.09 08:35

Film Review The Wrestler Hulk Hogan In Shades Of Blue

The wrestlers, a movement, the melancholy of a character study of fictional pro-wrestler of a certain age, is not one of those films. There is no Arrogant Challenger, period. The young wrestlers in the film are just struggling to make it. The American movie tradition, the aging warrior, usually played by Sylvester Stallone, back on stage for one last heroic battle against the arrogant Challenger, defying expectations muscle degeneration and to demonstrate that he The World Champion for eternity. There is no epic battle between Aging and arrogant Warrior Challenger.
8.1.09 08:35

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